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The Best Scented Candle Fragrances To Inspire Romance

February is often considered as the “love month”. And even though Valentine’s Day is already over, the feeling of love remains all year round.

And speaking about romantic love, if you are looking to spend an intimate evening with your partner the best way of setting up the mood is by using scented candles. Of course, there are other ways to conjure a romantic ambiance into a place like proper lighting, flowers, great food, and fine wine. But if you’re looking for an effective method of injecting love into the air, then the best way to do it is by scented candles.

So read more as we are going to tackle the best scented candles fragrances to inspire romance.


Though we already know that it’s one of the most common flavors in ice cream, vanilla is actually one of the most irresistible scents for both men and women. The sweet, sweet smell invites a soothing feeling, which may be one of the reasons why vanilla is also considered as best-selling fragrances in home and bath care products.


No doubt, the scent of this spice has a greater effect than any other perfumes. That’s why cinnamon is also included in this best scented candle fragrances list. Although, it may seem unusual to have a scent like this on your romantic date, the subtle hints will immediately remind you of lovely things and will encourage you to share your feelings with your partner as the evening goes on.


Ignoring this fragrance on any love topic is a sin as lavender is often associated with pleasant feelings of love and calmness. In fact, it is one of the top 3 calming scents in the country and that’s ideal for relaxing, easing muscle tension, and releasing stress.

When carefully placed, the lovely fragrance combined with the dimming effect of the lighting will set up a relaxing mood so that you and your partner will both enjoy each other’s company.

Ylang Ylang

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Long been used by Filipinos as an aphrodisiac, the scent of the ylang ylang flower is an effective way of turning your passionate senses on if you’re looking to spend a physically intimate moment with your partner after a romantic evening of wine and dine.


And last but not the least is one of the most popular scented candle fragrances, jasmine. Surely, you won’t go wrong in choosing this distinct scent as the combination of floral and woody tones create a somewhat old-fashioned loving feeling that you and your partner will enjoy.

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