replacing sunglasses lenses

A Quick Guide on How to Replace Sunglasses Lenses

Replacing your sunglasses lenses can save you from the high cost of buying a new pair of glasses. The main types of sunglasses lenses are:

  • Pop-in lenses
  • Screw-in lenses

The lenses may get scratched or damaged thus necessitating their replacement. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to replace sunglasses lenses.

Order for the Replacement Lenses

It’s important to first determine the type of lenses that you require for replacement. Lenses are made of different materials as shown below:

  • Glass lenses: they’re scratch-resistant but have less UV protection.
  • Polycarbonate plastic lenses: they have a high UV protection but are less scratch-resistant.
  • Polarized lenses: they absorb sunlight thus reducing glare.
  • Tinted or colored lenses: you can opt to use them for a fashionable appeal.

Having chosen your replacement option, look for the model number, color code and the size of the lenses. This will help you to order the perfect match of your lenses. You can order the lenses from an online store or optical shop near you. Once the replacement lenses have arrived you can proceed to replace them.

Replacing pop-in lenses

1. Place a towel over the lenses that you wish to replace

This prevents glass debris from flying off the lenses thus preventing you from injuries.

2. Hold the lenses in position

  • Let the front of the sunglasses facing away from you.
  • Place your thumbs against the lenses while maintaining their position in the inside of the frames.
  • Position your other fingers on the outside of the frames to enable you to push the lenses out of the frames.

3. Pop out the lenses

Using the rest of your fingers, apply pressure on the lenses to push them out. In addition, you can use your hands to push the frame upwards and downwards simultaneously to allow easy popping out of the lenses.

4. Fix the new lenses into the frames

  • Ensure that the front of the glasses face you.
  • Hold the new lenses between your fingers and line it up with the sides of the frames.
  • Place the lenses over the frames.
  • Use your thumb to gently squeeze the lenses into the frames. Repeat the process for the other lenses.

5. Clean the new lenses

You can use a microfiber cloth and solution of soap and water to clean off fingerprints and dust from the lenses.

Replacing screw-in lenses

1. Remove the old lenses

Place the lenses on a soft and flat surface with the front of the lenses facing down. Use a small screwdriver to remove screws from the frames. Ensure that you place the screws in a safe place where they can’t roll away. Then slide out the old lenses from the frames each at a time.

2. Fix the new lenses

Insert the lenses while holding them between your fingers. You should ensure that they fit in the frame’s groove without leaving any gap. This is done in order to prevent the lenses from falling off the frames. Then fix the screws back into position while ensuring you screw them in tightly to increase their grip on the replacement lenses.

3. Clean the new lenses

You can use a mild solution of soap and water to clean the lenses. Gently run the wet cloth over the lenses to get rid of fingerprints and smudges.

  • You can use a special cleaning agent instead of the soapy solution.
  • Chemicals can damage the coating of the lenses.


Sunglasses lenses are susceptible to scratches and breakages. Hence, they need to be replaced when they get damaged. The procedure is easy and the steps outlined above will ensure that you replace the lenses correctly. To make your lenses last longer in the future, you can check out Seek Optics’ lens care guide for more info.

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