must have kitchen appliances

Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

Is cooking the part of the day you feel more afraid about? This doesn’t have to continue being like that. Since the most innovative kitchen appliances were released into the market, the kitchen has become the favorite part of the house for everybody. Here’s out pick of the appliances and tools that every housewife should have:

Electrical Appliances

Tortilla Toaster

When the high demand for tortillas at home make the pan seem obsolete, it’s time to make use of this incredible example of the cool kitchen appliances. A set of slots waits for you to put the tortillas in them, as well as slices of bread if toast for breakfast appeal to you, to leave them as crunchy as your palate is willing to taste.

Red Copper 5-Minute Chef

This appliance acts as a pan, but it doesn’t make you run the risk of burning yourself if you accidentally hit the stick since it hasn’t got one. Apart from that, you can obtain a good quality meal without having to stir. Thanks to the ceramic that covers the chamber in which the food is the cook, there’s no risk of scratches or of the food sticking to it.


With the help of this magnificent machine, you can have 5-star gourmet tasting dishes made out of meat, noodles, vegetables, rice, among many other foods, completely prepared by the machine. The only thing you have to do is to load the ingredients to want to be transformed into a restaurant-like dish, press the button and wait. The food will be ready in minutes, even drained.

Cuisinart DLC Food Processor

Hate cutting and preparing your ingredients? You can say goodbye to all of that with the help of this food processor. Super silent, powerful and also dishwasher-friendly, you can’t go wrong on this one. You can also use it to make baby food and dough for your favorite pastries. Check out this food processor buying guide so that you’re aware on what to look for a food processor before buying one.

Non-Electric Tools

Silicone Fish to Suction Yolks

The process of separating whites from yolks is not precisely easy if you haven’t got the right tool. Now this problem has a solution with the silicone fish that suctions the yolk once in a bowl along with the white.

Egg Molds

egg mold

Ideal to motivate children to have their eggs for breakfast, these silicone molds give the shape of an owl, a skull, a cloud and many other attractive images to wake up with creativity. Breakfast is gonna be 10x the fun.

Apple Peeler

This gadget is fitted with a gear that makes the apple turn as it removes the skin that can later be used to prepare a liter of nourishing apple-infused water. The system shows a piece of engineering, but it’s really easy to use and all sizes of apple fit in it.

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