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Can You Save More On Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Whether or not you know how to cook, and whether you’re a professional or a newbie, there is one fact that you cannot change in cooking… And that is the lengthy process of meal prep.

So instead of spending more time in the kitchen, there are still more convenient ways to enjoy a delicious meal and that is by having a meal kit delivered right at your doorstep. This way, you can eat healthy food without having to deal with the time and frustration involved in meal prep.

But can you save more on meal kit delivery service compared to preparing your own meal from scratch? We’ll discuss more about this topic in today’s article.

How Do Meal Kits Compare To Just Buying Ingredients From The Grocery?

We picked a famous recipe from a popular meal-kit delivery company, the meatloaf with green beans and sweet potatoes and compared it to the average cost of the basic ingredients from a local store:

(Ingredients with their respective prices at the local supermarket):

20 oz. ground beef         –             $7.98

12 oz. green beans         –              $1.99

4 pcs. sweet potatoes    –              $2.80

Parsley                             –              $0.89

Onion                               –              $0.50

Garlic                               –              $0.50

Almonds (sliced)           –              $2.29

Panko breadcrumbs     –              $1.89

Balsamic vinegar           –              $2.99

Honey                              –              $3.29

Ketchup                           –              $1.69

TOTAL:                                         $26.81 for 4 servings (or $20.42 for 2 servings)

Now if we’re going to compare a 2 person serving of the same recipe from this popular meal kit delivery service company, it only cost $19.98! So there’s actually a $0.44 difference, which means that meal kits are more cost-effective based on this data.

Considering The Health Aspect Of Meal Kits

Another fact that you have to consider is the health-giving aspect of meal kits and its long-term benefits. You may not see this by now it can also help you save money by not getting sick more often. As a result, you will save money because you’re no longer spending money that is usually allotted for checkups and hospital visits.

More Tips To Help You Save Money On Meal Kits

save food money

And lastly, here are some tips on how to make you make the most out of a meal kit delivery service experience and save money from it:

  • Choose meal kits that can be frozen after cooking. Also, opt for larger serving size so you can still have leftovers for later consumption.
  • If the price of the kits is the same regardless of the meal you are going to choose, then go for meals with fancy-sounding names as they usually comprise of pricey ingredients.
  • Always take advantage of the discount and deals that these meal kit service companies are offering.

Happy eating!!!

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