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How to Effectively Get Rid of Your Infected Ear Piercing

From infant to elderly, everyone is getting their ears pierced these days. It’s so common in today’s culture and can be done in just about any mall jewelry shop. But sometimes, this common fashion accessory can come with an unwanted companion, an infection.

How Your Ear Piercing Got Infected?

Although ear piercing is a straightforward process, it still creates a small open wound on the earlobe. While it may not seem like a serious open wound, it should be treated like one. While the piercing is healing it’s pertinent to keep it clean and sanitary. If the new piercing is not cleaned frequently, bacteria will grow in the wound and eventually become infected.

Signs Your Ear Piercing is Infectedredness ear pierce

• Redness
• Swelling
• Sensitive to the touch
• Yellow discharge
• Burning sensation

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s likely that you have an infected ear piercing. Although this may seem scary, don’t worry because there is a simple home remedy that will clear up that pesky infection in no time!

Home Remedy

Once you start to notice the signs that your new piercing isn’t healing properly don’t wait for it to get worse! How to cure an infected ear piercing:

• Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ear piercing
• Purchase sterile saline solution at a pharmacy or make it at home by mixing 8 oz of distilled hot water with 1/4 teaspoon of salt.
• Using your fingers, dab the salt water onto the entire earlobe and piercing. Cotton swabs can be used to apply the saline solution if there are no cotton fibers left on the earlobe.
• Obtain a clean paper towel to dry the earlobe. Avoid using towels or any other fabric that could spread more bacteria.

Follow this procedure twice a day until the infection clears up. Continue cleaning the area thoroughly until the piercing is fully healed to avoid further infection. If your infection persists longer than a week of proper cleaning contact your doctor, antibiotics may be necessary.

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