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Tips In Choosing Your Galapagos Cruise Agent

Thinking of heading to an exotic destination on your next vacation with the family? Then one of the top options to consider is the Galapagos island. Surely, a unique and adventure-filled experience awaits you there.

And if you are interested to know more on how to get in this remote island on a cruise trip, then keep reading as we are going to tackle tips in choosing your Galapagos cruise agent in today’s post.

Let’s begin…

It Pays To Plan Ahead

Visiting Galapagos is limited due to the remote location of the island. And aside from that, cruise ship vessels are filled up quickly. So it’s best to plan ahead of time and book at least 6 to 9 months prior to the actual trip in order to avail of the best cabins that the cruise can offer. If possible, make reservations a year in advance after choosing the best travel agent to get the best deals.

Cruise Ship Of Choice

Galapagos trips are usually done with sailboats (8 to 32 passengers), small yachts (8 to 32 passengers), mid-size cruises (40 to 60 passengers), and small ships (60 to 100 passengers). And most of the time, the Galapagos cruise agent will give more details to help you in the decision-making process.

Of course, your ship of choice may depend on many factors such as budget, comfort, amenities, and other luxurious perks. But one thing that you cannot do without during the course of the trip are the trained naturalist guides who will help tourists explore the islands in small groups.

Travel Guide Options

Galapagos guides are an important part of your vacation experience. So they are strictly regulated by the National Park authority to ensure a positive impact on the overall experience of the tourists. And though these individuals are skillful and highly trained, only some can speak in English.

In general, the best guides will be aboard the nicest ships. So select an agent who can help you book in advance as this will give you the best options to partner with the right vessels that can provide the best Galapagos guides for you.

Family Travel Considerations

Not all cruise ships vessels are created for family travel. So pick a travel agent who can provide you with practical amenities such as triple/quadruple occupancy options, interconnected cabin doors, and themed departures which are suited for family travel.

We recommend that you go for small ships as they offer flexibility and customization for tourists who are traveling with their families.

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Climate Considerations

pelican in galapagos

Finally, choose a Galapagos cruise agent who can provide information about the climate as well as the climate conditions. Although the island is attractive is cruising all year round, the island is expected to have calm waters combined with warm weather and sporadic rains during December-May and cold weather and cool water currents from June-November. So if your itinerary includes hiking, then the best time to go is the latter.


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