best material for dinnerware

Best Materials for Dinnerware

Either you’re planning a dinner, formal or not or you’re just basically doing some shopping for kitchenware, it’s very important to take note of the delicacy that comes with choosing the best materials for dinnerware especially if you’ll be entertaining a group of people in the future. There are varieties of dinnerware to choose from such as the very popular Bone china, Porcelain, Earthenware, Stoneware etc.

There are of course significant differences in the prices and qualities of this dinnerware thereby helping the market to thrive and garner a steady revenue over time. It is important of course that we talk extensively about the best materials for dinnerware so as to help guide your choices while making those kitchen and dinner choices.

Bone China

Like the name suggests, this dinnerware originates from China and is a derivative of bone. Bone china is made from a succinct combination of porcelain clay (another dinnerware) and animal bones, duly heated at a not too high temperature. Bone China is actually the strongest ceramic dinnerware, despite its fragile look, so if you’re in the market for affordability and durability, bone china is the dinnerware to go for.


porcelain tableware

This dinnerware is also known as China ware as it also originated from China. Porcelain is the more appropriate dinnerware for a formal occasion because it possesses a fairly formal look combined with extreme durability which is followed by delicateness. Porcelain dinnerware is usually made up of a combination of quartz, kaolin, and feldspar, this combination is then exposed to a very high temperature which then produces the oven and microwave safe dinnerware as the result. The porcelain dinnerware is also very cool for day-to-day dishes because of its extreme strength and durability


Earthenware is the simple finished product of glazed and fired ceramic. This dinnerware is very delicate when compared to other dinnerware and requires very careful handling. Earthenware is not very strong on durability when brought up to par with other dinnerware even though the dinnerware often looks very thick.

But of course, the craftsmanship will also play a part in the durability of the product. If you’re looking for a place to buy durable and expertly made earthenware online, you can visit Royal Boch’s Earthenware collections.


stoneware plate

This another derivative of glazed and fired ceramic but further reinstated with glass material for extra durability than the earthenware dinnerware. Stoneware is one of the most attractive dinnerware and beats some other dinnerware hands down when it comes to delicate and smooth textures. The stoneware dinnerware is very appropriate for very casual events or day-to-day meal preparations.


This particular dinnerware is famed for its extreme lightweight as a result of its plastic background. The plastic background, of course, means that it cannot be exposed to a microwave or oven due to the risk of melting. This dinnerware is the best for a dinner which hosts a lot of kids or even children party as it a lot safer than many of its counterparts.

There are many other kinds of dinnerware which we cannot, of course, begin to discuss in this article, such as the Vitrified Glass, and the many other subsets and specific examples of the individual dinnerware as listed above. The important thing to note though is that the best materials for dinnerware are not a function of the dinnerware in themselves vis-à-vis their individual qualities, but a strong dependence on an individual’s budget and preferences. Most of the dinnerware have different strong points and weak points, of course, and would be better served if played to their strengths and not weaknesses.

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